Mandatory Sex Education for Your Children

This is very bad news:

Sex EducationThe laws are changing to remove parental ability to opt their children out of sex education in public schools. This means that every kid in public schools, regardless of religious background or the parents’ wishes, will be taught the school’s version of sex education at 15 years old. This goes into effect in September of 2011. Thankfully, this is in Britain, not here in the US. Still, it’s a big deal.

What’s so wrong with that? Perhaps little, assuming that children will be taught responsibly. My childhood sex education experience, however, was anything but responsible. I was lucky enough to have to go through sex education at three different public schools across junior high and high school. Looking back, all three of these experiences were damaging to my health.

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Norway’s Open Prison System

There’s not really a lot of things that I’m dead certain on, but I’ve learned something in the last few years that I will forever take a brutal stance on: that the American prison system does not work.

As I’ve been regularly corrected that “jail” is not “prison”, I will state that this applies to our “jail” systems as well.

I’ve come by this perspective through first hand experience. Not by going to prison or jail myself, but by watching a close friend make steady progress only to throw it all away because of the jail time he was required to serve. This particular friend of mine struggles with alcohol abuse, and unfortunately seems to get in petty trouble with the law every time he gets intoxicated. He’s been in and out of jail at least four times for various alcohol-related crimes, and can’t seem to ever get back on track before being set right back at square one after coming out of a long and destructive jail term.

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True Freedom: Radical and Offensive to Society?

I often find myself biting my tongue during political and spiritual discussions, especially when they are interrelated, because I take a very non-apologetic and entirely spiritual approach to my viewpoints. Often, to avoid offending others and getting into heated discussions I simply back out of the conversations. Whether this is the right thing to do or not, I’d like to share some of my views specifically regarding America’s positions on freedom.

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