Premarital Advice

A friend of mine recently just asked me if I had any advice for her about getting married (she’s engaged to be married very shortly). I’m not sure she was looking for such an earful, but I couldn’t help but go there. I’d really love to hear what everyone’s thoughts are on it.

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New Recording – Tribute

I finally finished the new recording of Tribute tonight. This is the third recording ready to go for the upcoming album “Love the People, Hate the Culture”. It’s still much the same song as in the previous recording from 2005, but it’s been much improved with a full band and a counter-melody between verses.

I’ve kept the old recording up as well so you can compare them if you wish. The old recording and the lyrics are available in the previous post here.

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Mandatory Sex Education for Your Children

This is very bad news:

Sex EducationThe laws are changing to remove parental ability to opt their children out of sex education in public schools. This means that every kid in public schools, regardless of religious background or the parents’ wishes, will be taught the school’s version of sex education at 15 years old. This goes into effect in September of 2011. Thankfully, this is in Britain, not here in the US. Still, it’s a big deal.

What’s so wrong with that? Perhaps little, assuming that children will be taught responsibly. My childhood sex education experience, however, was anything but responsible. I was lucky enough to have to go through sex education at three different public schools across junior high and high school. Looking back, all three of these experiences were damaging to my health.

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From My BlackBerry

My wife, baby boy, regretfully the dog, and I are on our way to Michigan for a wedding as I’m typing this post. I managed to download the latest beta version of WordPress for BlackBerry, and like I’ve been with everything else WordPress-related, I’m extremely pleased with the ease of use and functionality (and that it’s even possible to update the blog from my handheld without having to deal with trying to do it in a crappy browser).

WordPress for BlackBerry is currently at version in beta, but it sure does seem to be working well enough for me. Of course, it only has a subset of the full WordPress admin features, but it has pretty much everything you need for what you’d want to do on the road (full page, post, and comment viewing, adding, editing, and deleting).

It seems there’s no end to what I can do on my BlackBerry these days. It sure beats my days with Windows Mobile…

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