Welcome to the BeatDown (New Song)

You’re gonna either love or hate this one… ;)

My friend Simon Gugala wrote this recently with his cousin Chris, and they needed some hardcore vocals for the song. Hardcore vocals they got, probably more than they expected. I pushed my voice harder than ever. Believe it or not, I think it sounds pretty amazing. I’d love to know what you think.

The song is credited to Simon Gugala with guitars by Chris Gugala.

Download “Welcome to the BeatDown” or stream it live:

Lyrics are after the jump.

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New Song – Solace (Live)

I felt like writing last night, so I wrote this and then just immediately recorded it live. It’s probably the darkest song I’ve ever recorded (though I’ve written darker songs…). The meaning should be fairly easy to interpret, but this is one song I’d like to leave up for interpretation (don’t worry, I won’t do that very often).

Enjoy and let me know how you like it. Download or play it below.

Download “Solace (Live)” or stream it:

Lyrics are after the jump.

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New Song – Just Like Me

It’s a new song day! I haven’t eaten since breakfast this morning, and it’s because I was working on this song. It’s called “Just Like Me”, and it’s basically my confession to the world that I don’t always do everything for the right reasons. Too many people look up to me because they think that everything I do for others is done out of pure sacrifice, when most often it’s done for some form of fulfillment. Not only is this song that confession, but it’s a testament to the fact that Christ does everything for the right reasons, unlike us.

Download or play it below, and as always, leave a comment! :)

Lyrics are after the jump.

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New Song – Least of These

It’s not quite done, but I’m posting it anyway! I can’t wait any longer! ;)

Here is Least of These, as some of you heard at the 30 Hour Famine concert. I’m planning on adding some harmonies to it yet, as well as some bass. But it sounds great already! Let me know what you think! :)

Lyrics are after the jump.

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Old Song – Nevermind the Aftermath

I thought I’d post this one up; this is a song I wrote back in 2003 as a response to President Bush’s actions regarding 9/11. My friend David Alberth recorded it for me and contributed some on the guitar parts; the drums are by another friend named Kyle Baker.

We never really got to polish it, unfortunately, which is kind of a shame because it’s a pretty neat little tune. It’s a good listen, regardless. Enjoy. :)

As always, the lyrics are after the break.

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No Other Hope – New Version

This should be the final version of No Other Hope. I beefed up the guitars a bit, and my friend Larry Williams added some wicked bass to it. I’m super excited because Larry’s an excellent bassist and he’s on track to record bass for some upcoming songs as well. It only gets better from here. :)

There are also two noticeable changes to the song (in addition to bass and beefed-up guitars). Can anyone spot them?

Lyrics are available here.

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New Song – No Other Hope (Featuring Amber Carr)

It’s a little late, but it’s finally here! Those of you who attended First Church of the Nazarene in Sterling a couple weeks ago have already heard it live. This is the fourth recording for the upcoming album; give it a listen and tell me about it! :)

Lyrics are after the jump.

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New Recording – Tribute

I finally finished the new recording of Tribute tonight. This is the third recording ready to go for the upcoming album “Love the People, Hate the Culture”. It’s still much the same song as in the previous recording from 2005, but it’s been much improved with a full band and a counter-melody between verses.

I’ve kept the old recording up as well so you can compare them if you wish. The old recording and the lyrics are available in the previous post here.

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New Song – Reason to Grow

I recorded a new song this weekend; it’s definitely the fastest full mix I think I’ve ever put together. Things just seemed to work, which is rare. Anyway, I’m proud of it. I like the melodies. I left out the drums on purpose, because I wanted it to feel a bit more “raw” than usual. Feel free to download it and let me know what you think!

Download “Reason to Grow”

Lyrics are after the jump.

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5 Often Overlooked Caveats of Managing a Digital Music Collection

If you’re like me, you slave over your music collection on a regular basis making sure every song is properly tagged, free of any audible flaws, and overall as perfect as possible. Okay, well, you’re probably not like me. But still, having your music skip because you used a crappy ripping application or hiccup between songs because of a non-gapless codec is exceedingly annoying. Here we’ll go through five commonly-made mistakes by music enthusiasts when managing their music collection.

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