LaunchBox Version 2.6 Released

LaunchBoxLaunchBox 2.6 is here with some exciting new features! First off, emulation support has been added, which means you can organize and play your classic Nintendo or Sega games right from inside LaunchBox! Simply add your emulator in the Emulation tab for your game, and select the ROM file in the Launcher tab. You can find a big list of emulators here, but I would recommend Nestopia for the original Nintendo, Snes9x for Super Nintendo, Project64 for Nintendo 64, Dolphin for GameCube and Wii, and Kega Fusion for Sega platforms. All these emulators and many more should work fine with LaunchBox; let me know if you find an emulator that does not.

LaunchBox 2.6 Screenshot

Other new features for this go around include a new option to clean up your images folder and remove any extraneous images (under the Tools menu), and the ability to select and delete multiple games at once. I’m also hoping to add the ability to batch edit games here soon as well.

Another thing I have focused on heavily with this release is performance. No matter how big your library gets, the startup time should now be no more than a few seconds. I’ve worked hard to bring the time required for lengthy operations down to a minimum, and this version is many times faster than any previous version. In addition, it should now support massive libraries of 5,000+ games with no trouble at all. Because images are being re-cached, you may find that the scroll speed is a bit slower upon initial startup of the new version, but after the images have all been cached it should be an extremely smooth experience.

I’m excited about what’s to come with LaunchBox as well! DBGL imports are still on the radar, as well as a revamped and more flexible filtering interface, ScummVM support, and a game details panel. As always, do let me know your ideas and requests!

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here.

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LaunchBox Version 2.5 Released

LaunchBoxVersion 2.5 is here. With it comes multi-genre support, new Source and Favorite fields, and gamepad/joystick input, tested primarily with an Xbox 360 controller. Let me know if you run into any kinks with these new features; hope everyone is enjoying LaunchBox!

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here.

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LaunchBox Version 2.4 Released

LaunchBoxLike clockwork, here’s version 2.4. New features for this release include additional applications for games that allow you to add any number of custom commands to individual games, letter and number key navigation (quickly jump to a game by pressing the game’s first letter or number), and arranging by ID. Also included are more performance improvements, better sorting, and a fix for the D-Fend Reloaded import not always properly marking a game as a DOSBox game.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here. As always, keep the feedback coming and don’t be afraid to request new features! :)

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LaunchBox Version 2.3 Released

LaunchBoxAnd here’s version 2.3. This version is primarily a bug fix release, resolving certain issues with the image caching, Steam import, and D-Fend Reloaded import processes. There are also a number of small, but useful improvements; please see the changelog in the application for full details.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here.

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LaunchBox 2.2 Released

LaunchBoxHere is version 2.2, now with support for importing all of your Steam games. Also included in this release is several performance improvement updates to improve both startup time and the overall performance of the application. Please see the change log in the application for the complete details.

With this release I’ve realized that the automatic update process has been broken in some situations; it has been fixed in this release, but version 2.1 and below may not properly auto-update to version 2.2. You should still be prompted to update, but may receive an error when choosing to download the update. In that situation, downloading the update from the website and installing over the top of your existing installation will update LaunchBox and fix the auto-update for future releases.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here.

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LaunchBox Version 2.1 Released

LaunchBoxVersion 2.1 is ready! Included is the much-requested D-Fend Reloaded import feature! Other new features include a full-screen mode (for a distraction-free gaming experience, ha), scroll bar hiding, the ability to use clear logos as backgrounds (works surprisingly well), and an Open Images Folder option.

Keep in mind that the new D-Fend Reloaded import feature is fully functional, but it is basic and has some caveats. Be sure to read all the known issues listed in the app before using it. Also, if you like the feature and want it improved, it is very important that you give feedback on it. I need to hear about any issues or important missing features, and it would be good to hear about successful imports as well.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here., or use the auto-update feature in the app. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment. :)

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LaunchBox Version 2.0 Released

LaunchBoxAnd, finally, here is version 2.0! This release is a big one, with a completely revamped box art view. The new view supports fanart and custom backgrounds, and is a huge visual upgrade over prior versions. Furthermore, searching now allows you to select from multiple results and download multiple images for a game, including front and back box art, fanart, and screenshots. Here’s a quick look at the new version:

LaunchBox 2.0

There are many more changes/additions for this release; please view the Changelog under the Help menu for the complete list. Also, those currently running version 1.3 will be prompted to auto-update, assuming they haven’t disabled the auto-update check.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here. As always, you can install directly on top of your previous installation, and all of your games and configuration will be preserved. Enjoy, and please do provide feedback as to how you like the new look and/or any suggestions to improve the app. Feel free to do so in the comments below.

P.S. The most priority new features to be added include D-Fend Reloaded game imports, support for multiple genres per game, and support for multiple applications/commands. Look for these features to be added in the near future.

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Sneak Preview of What’s to Come

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come in the near future of LaunchBox:

LaunchBox Sneak Peek

Yes, we have background fanart! It’s automatically downloaded from TheGamesDB, of course. Getting this working well while still being performant required some massive restructuring in the code for the games view, but as a result LaunchBox is both prettier and faster than ever before.

We’re doing more significant testing than usual because of the restructuring, and also wrapping up some much-improved code for downloading from TheGamesDB, but you should be getting your hands on the next version very shortly. :)

That said, if you’re dying to get your hands on it early, just leave me a comment and I’ll send you a copy for testing.

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LaunchBox Version 1.3 Released

LaunchBoxThis one was a quick one; here’s version 1.3! I’ve got a much-requested new feature in this release: automatic meta-data and box-art downloading! The app now has the ability to search for metadata and box-art. I chose TheGamesDB because of their “open” approach and their API, which makes it easy to integrate and use. If you find that TheGamesDB doesn’t have your game, you can go and add it yourself for others to benefit, which is a huge improvement over other, private sites.

Other new features include a way to export image files, better compatibility with Dropbox, and auto-update functionality (which can be disabled, of course, if desired).

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here. As always, leave me some feedback with any issues or suggestions.

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LaunchBox Version 1.2 Released

LaunchBoxLooks like I’m past the deadline for a true release date of the 17th, but here’s version 1.2. LaunchBox now has an easy-to-use setup (mostly thanks to WinRAR), while still allowing you to manually extract the files using WinRAR or 7-zip instead if you so choose. I’ve tweaked it so that your configuration files are not overwritten, so it is safe to install over your current installations and your configuration and games should remain. It will also make an icon on your desktop and in your Start menu.

LaunchBox Setup

New features for the actual app include an Options dialog with some quick debugging options for games, new Version and Game Manual fields, and even further optimizations that yet again significantly speed up the application.

Give it a run and let me know how it goes! Download LaunchBox 2.6 here.

There is also an active forum post on Vogons about the app here:

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