From My BlackBerry

My wife, baby boy, regretfully the dog, and I are on our way to Michigan for a wedding as I’m typing this post. I managed to download the latest beta version of WordPress for BlackBerry, and like I’ve been with everything else WordPress-related, I’m extremely pleased with the ease of use and functionality (and that it’s even possible to update the blog from my handheld without having to deal with trying to do it in a crappy browser).

WordPress for BlackBerry is currently at version in beta, but it sure does seem to be working well enough for me. Of course, it only has a subset of the full WordPress admin features, but it has pretty much everything you need for what you’d want to do on the road (full page, post, and comment viewing, adding, editing, and deleting).

It seems there’s no end to what I can do on my BlackBerry these days. It sure beats my days with Windows Mobile…

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