TrueCrypt Automation using Shell Scripts on Mac OS X

TrueCryptThis is probably a fairly unique situation, but I thought I’d post it here just to see how many people might have the same need. I use TrueCrypt almost exclusively as my encryption solution due to the fact that it’s both cross platform and open source, and because it’s highly secure and “just works”. Really, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use it; it really is the ideal encryption solution.

That said, I often find myself having to create new volumes, and I find that process to be relatively cumbersome. I prefer to have many smaller volumes than one or two large volumes, primarily because they sync up via Dropbox (actually just recently I switched to Google Drive), and online sync services do much better with smaller files than, say, a 50GB file.

The non-automated way to create and mount a volume seems to take ages; you run through the wizard, wait for the volume to be created, go hunt for the file, mount it, and then you’re finally good to go. It requires entering your password not once but three times, and just gets irritating after having to do it even once a day. To solve this, I looked into TrueCrypt’s command line options, and created a couple of shell scripts to make things much easier. Read on after the break to dive into the scripts.

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