Those of you who know me well enough know that most often I really don’t care what people think.  Sure, I have the occasional embarrassing moment and/or the rare concern that I’m being judged, but generally, I don’t let this get in the way of whatever I’m doing.  This has given me a deep sense of freedom that I cannot express in any way other than to say that I am free from the public opinions and desires of society.

It should come as no surprise to you, then, that I will express my views on faith openly and without restriction.  I will hold these views as the truth, as I wholeheartedly believe them to be true.  And I will not be surprised, nor will I be thrown back, by any ridicule that is the result my expressing these views.

This is not to say, however, that I am a judge of others.  I do not consider myself (nor anyone else) to be qualified enough to judge another person, and I work extremely hard to keep my thoughts humble and to help others around me feel like they can confide in me without me judging them.

So what do I believe?  I believe in Christ.  I believe he died for me to set me free from the sins I struggle with every day.  He is my best friend; I believe my faith is simply the relationship that I have with him, one that needs nurture, time, and trust just like any other relationship.  It is this relationship that I have with Christ that has set me free from the restrictions that I feel society has tried to place on me.  And for that reason, among others, I feel very blessed to know Christ and would not want to face tomorrow without him.

Religion, however, as we often think of it, is damaging to ourselves and others.  It wages war and murders thousands.  It leads large groups of people astray, and spreads lies across the world.  Religion, as we know it today, is simply humanity’s corruption of faith and God.  There are huge differences between faith and religion, and I make an attempt to disassociate myself from it as much as possible, for reasons that are obvious.

This does not mean, however, that I am against organized faith.  Church for me is a way to meet with, encourage, and be encouraged by other believers, and not a place to follow traditions and truths set forth by a particular religion.  Religious influences do have unavoidable effects on the church, but I am in no way required to participate in these rituals.

I say all this as an introduction to possible future discussion.  Like everyone else, I can be hurt by harsh words, but I will make every effort to make each discussion constructive and without judgement.  This is an open invitation to pick at these beliefs of mine, try to break them down, and try to prove any part of my beliefs wrong (or agree with me if you so choose).  I will not hold back.

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