New Song – Fighting for the Day

I finished the recording for this song a few weeks ago; it literally took months.  It’s hard to find the time required to get something like this done, especially with a baby boy. ;)

I’m quite proud of the final result, though.  This is, by far, the closest I’ve ever come to a professional recording.  I learned so much this time around I can only hope I remember it all.  Look for some more to come soon!

You can find the lyrics after the break.


I’m sorry to comply
It’s hard to think that I
Would ever find myself in others’ shoes

And though I’m haunted by
This conformity of mine
I can’t release the faith I have in Christ

He’s no tradition; traditions fade
He’s no religion; religions change

I’ve questioned everything under the sun
And really there’s not that much that’s won
But every time I try to question Christ
I somehow always seem to come out blind

Now I’m not one to lie
On the backs of others’ lies
In fact I’d rather be completely blind

But listen to me now
I’ll never fail to lounge
On the back of He who never lets me down


I’m just a sinner, and I will change
But my decision is to be saved

So listen to me now
I’m fighting for the day
When we can see that Christ is
Not a dumb cliche

Forgive me if I come
Across a bit to strong
But I am sick and tired of
The rap that’s going down

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