Old Song – Nevermind the Aftermath

I thought I’d post this one up; this is a song I wrote back in 2003 as a response to President Bush’s actions regarding 9/11. My friend David Alberth recorded it for me and contributed some on the guitar parts; the drums are by another friend named Kyle Baker.

We never really got to polish it, unfortunately, which is kind of a shame because it’s a pretty neat little tune. It’s a good listen, regardless. Enjoy. :)

As always, the lyrics are after the break.

Nevermind the aftermath of war
Justify the consequence of your
Decision to get into this, this war

Look at all the dead bodies you ignore
Force yourself to realize you’re the author
Of this mess you walk through, you’re so sore

Would you teach your children this truth?
And would they grow up to be just like you?
Who would they kill?
Who will they kill?
When they grow up

Only if you could forget what’s right and wrong
Then you could run this place so strong
Take on every obstacle with your arm

Life just doesn’t work that way, my friend
And death’s what happens when you try to pretend
That life’s just one big competition
Cause only one survives then, would it be you?

So you go teach your children this truth
And watch them grow up to be just like you
Watch them kill their sons and daughters too
Watch them make the same mistakes as you

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