Old Song – Believe

I will be adding some of my older recordings here as well.  Amber (my wife) and I recorded this shortly before we were married in 2005.  She played the violins and sang the female vocals.  I was still rather uneducated from an audio recording perspective when I laid it down, but somehow this recording turned out better than I would have expected.  Must have been the violins.

I wrote the song with another friend of mine from college named Catherine Crawford, who helped with the lyrics.  She’d probably murder me if she found out I recorded it with somebody else. ;)

You can find the lyrics after the break.


See the burning bush
Hear the voice of God
Bow before the throne
You stand on holy ground

Believe it’s real

How could you doubt, Thomas?
You stand before your God
You see his nail-torn hands
You see his pierced side

Believe it’s real

You never cared to listen
You’re blind to all religion
And while the morning glistens
You curse the sun

Believe it’s real

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