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  1. Jason Carr Post author

    I’ll have to take a listen to that…thanks. :)

    Believe it or not, I’ve owned that domain since I was in high school. However, somewhere in my infinite high school wisdom I lost the domain. What ultimately happened was I cancelled my hosting plan. Probably so that I would have to come back to them, the hosting company automatically renewed my domain through 2012 when I cancelled, which angered me quite a bit at the time. Forward ahead a few years, though, the hosting company went out of business, and somehow or other I became the admin contact for the domain again (or maybe I always was). I ended up having to fill out an OpenSRS Admin Email Change form and fax it and my driver’s license over, and they changed the email and got me complete access to the domain again. I was tickled pink to have it back, because I thought I lost it years ago.

  2. Josh

    Wish someone’s older brother would’ve enlightened him to the world of web sooner. Now some hipster wannabe architecture from New York has his domain name. I should just pay the $20 to backlist it on godaddy… but whatev.

    Glad you liked the track. It’s such a great arrangement.

    1. Josh

      Sorry, meant backorder. You can pay GoDaddy $20 to backorder a domain. If the current owner lets the registration lapse, they’ll give it to you.

  3. Jaron Davis

    Hey Jason,

    I’m glad you got your domain name back! I listened to all of your tunes in bulk and hereunder lies my quick thoughts on some of these:

    No Other Hope: I love the harmonies here; you guys sound great!
    Just Like Me: Great job singing this one, it sounds amazing!
    Least Of These: I’m a sucker for acapella intros, so this one grabbed me immediately; great job :)
    Reason To Grow: This is probably my favorite. It’s got a beautiful melody, it’s masterfully sung (how in perdition do you hit those high notes so cleanly?) and it speaks volumes to me lyrically; great job!
    Welcome To The Beatdown: I love this one; it’s a rockin’ tune, and you sing it just right. You almost remind me of Jim Morrison in places. You should hear my similar attempts at singing such a rocker; it ain’t pretty…
    Believe: This is another beautiful song with an amazing duet :)
    It’s Not Worth It: I love the lyrics and tone of this one; is this the one you used for your COR presentation?
    No Other Hope (Chipmunks): Ha, ha, what inspired speeding up this one? Those chipmunks are well in tune with each other :)

    Overall, you’ve got a lot of great tunes, Jason; keep ’em coming :)

  4. Wesley

    Hey Jason this is Wesley from Bible study great music man i would like to down load i but idk how ahhaa but great music i like no other hope the most


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