LaunchBox: New DOSBox Frontend and Game Launcher

LaunchBoxLaunchBox is a new Windows frontend for DOSBox, but it’s a whole lot more than that. Originally, I went looking online for a portable DOSBox games launcher for Windows that displayed the games using the game box art, much like Boxer for Mac. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find one, so I decided to put in the time and build one. Development went extremely well, and all-in-all I’ve put a lot more time into the project than I originally envisioned. Thus, I’m left with what I consider to be an excellent application for managing and playing portable (and not portable) Windows and DOSBox games:

LaunchBox Screenshot 1

LaunchBox Screenshot 2

Here are some of LaunchBox’s best features:

  • Uses relative paths wherever possible in order to ensure that the app behaves properly in a portable environment (such as on a USB stick or in your Dropbox, the app will work on every computer you have synced).
  • Supports both DOSBox and regular Windows games, so you can organize your entire gaming library, not just your DOSBox games.
  • Sort, arrange, and filter your games by title, release date, genre, platform, rating, developer, and publisher.
  • Easily configure your games to launch in DOSBox just by choosing the game’s EXE.
  • Supports mounting additional drives in DOSBox with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Maintains separate DOSBox configurations for each game, allowing you to fully configure the DOSBox settings individually for each game.

I believe the app to be very stable at this stage, and ready to use to manage a serious game collection. That said, development will not stop here on the project, and I have some very cool features planned for the near future.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here. The app does not require installation; simply extract the zip file to a location of your choosing and run LaunchBox.exe. The latest version of LaunchBox uses a WinRAR-built setup, but you can choose to extract the files from the EXE manually with WinRAR, if you’d rather.

I am very interested in your feedback! If you run into any issues or suggestions, please do let me know in the comments below.

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