LaunchBox Version 2.1 Released

LaunchBoxVersion 2.1 is ready! Included is the much-requested D-Fend Reloaded import feature! Other new features include a full-screen mode (for a distraction-free gaming experience, ha), scroll bar hiding, the ability to use clear logos as backgrounds (works surprisingly well), and an Open Images Folder option.

Keep in mind that the new D-Fend Reloaded import feature is fully functional, but it is basic and has some caveats. Be sure to read all the known issues listed in the app before using it. Also, if you like the feature and want it improved, it is very important that you give feedback on it. I need to hear about any issues or important missing features, and it would be good to hear about successful imports as well.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here., or use the auto-update feature in the app. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment. :)

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