LaunchBox Version 2.3 Released

LaunchBoxAnd here’s version 2.3. This version is primarily a bug fix release, resolving certain issues with the image caching, Steam import, and D-Fend Reloaded import processes. There are also a number of small, but useful improvements; please see the changelog in the application for full details.

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here.

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  1. Duncan McLean (dxmc) says:

    Hi Jason, really happy to see the Steam import thing working now, one quick question, in the last version when I clicked to arrange by release date it showed games in the same grid format as title with the release date shown with the games name and ordered accordingly. Now in this version it shows a view where there is a sort of box for each relevant year with the games for that year listed after the year, but not the release dates for individual games. It’s not a major concern but I preferred the previous grid view and I’m wondering if there’s some way or could be some way to toggle that.

    • Jason Carr says:

      Ah, yeah. I wasn’t sure how useful showing the actual date in the grid was, and I thought that grouping by year provided a better overall representation. But now I know that I at least need to show the full date. Would it be fine to just add the date back in to the existing group-based view, or do I need a setting to choose either the grid or the groups?

  2. Duncan McLean says:

    I think it would be good if you could toggle between the two because it’s a matter of personal preference, I liked the grid view with release dates in the games name and arranged accordingly, mainly because I could see everything with less scrolling, others might want it grouped. I’m thinking that it could be set in options, show as grid or grouped, or maybe more practically a sub-menu, view > arrange by > release date > grid or grouped. Another option would be something like what you see in Steam with buttons that allow you to switch views where applicable.

  3. Duncan McLean says:

    That’s great. I don’t know if you’ve done this but you might want to post in the new Steam Community Discussions, The forum you posted in has been kind of a ghost town since Valve started the new forum a year ago. Keep in mind too that a lot of people on Steam have pretty much all their games in their Steam libraries, and they use a lot of the associated features. But, like a lot of people, although I have a lot of games on Steam I have a lot of games from other places too, the advantage of Launchbox is that I can set it up with just the three dozen or so games from my backlog, and from all sorts of different locations. It’s a great way to view and sort out my library in one place. I really hope more gamers discover this.

    • Jason Carr says:

      Wow; didn’t even know that forum existed lol…any chance you could post there? It might be more effective if someone other than the author of the app made the first post. If not, no worries, I can certainly post it, just wondered if I’d get less “fishing” garbage if I don’t post it myself. ;)

  4. Duncan McLean says:

    I have no idea why that got locked, since it’s freeware for one thing and for another thing you’ve had a thread going in the other forum for almost a week which didn’t get locked. I submitted a support ticket to find out why it got locked, just have to wait and see what they say. Their moderation tends to be extremely arbitrary, they’re all volunteer mods and a lot of them are total jerks.

    • Patrick says:


      1. Off-Limit Topics/Replies
      Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals, racism, discrimination
      Drugs and alcohol Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads

      2. You posted it in the wrong Sub forum “Steam Discussions” , when you should have tried it in “Off Topic” where they may have let it slide. (

      3. Started a LaunchBox user “Steam Group” and posted relevant information on the Launch box program to spread the word of it, ask people in Steam to join the Launchbox group. Probably your best bet.

  5. Jason Carr says:

    Interesting, thanks a ton. It’s funny though; the thread’s still there so at least people can still see it.

  6. ediblebird says:

    Hi again!

    This version irons out a lot of kinks, which is great.
    One problem is that when sorting by title, if I have a game name with numbers in it, those with decimal points get placed before the previous number.
    E.g. 1, 2, 3.5, 3, 4.5, 4

    I have a few more feature requests.
    Font choice and font scaling, would love to be able to use any installed font, at a size I can adjust

    The option for horizontal scroll

    Thanks for all the work

    • Jason Carr says:

      Hey, yeah, the sorting still bugs me too. It’s on my to do list to fix.

      Font choice and font scaling would present some challenges (because I’d have to dynamically size the game boxes depending on the size of the font, etc.), so I’ll add it to the list but it probably won’t be a priority for a while.

      How would you want the horizontal scroll to work? Would you want to scroll horizontally *instead* of vertically? Or both? Just so I can understand it better, specifically why do you want horizontal scrolling?

      Thanks much for the feedback; I’ll see if I can at least fix the sorting for the next release.

      • ediblebird says:

        Ideally id like the option for both scroll directions, horizontal is just my personal taste for multi-monitor setups and wider screens, while I like vertical scroll for portrait. I really just like options thought haha

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