LaunchBox Version 2.6 Released

LaunchBoxLaunchBox 2.6 is here with some exciting new features! First off, emulation support has been added, which means you can organize and play your classic Nintendo or Sega games right from inside LaunchBox! Simply add your emulator in the Emulation tab for your game, and select the ROM file in the Launcher tab. You can find a big list of emulators here, but I would recommend Nestopia for the original Nintendo, Snes9x for Super Nintendo, Project64 for Nintendo 64, Dolphin for GameCube and Wii, and Kega Fusion for Sega platforms. All these emulators and many more should work fine with LaunchBox; let me know if you find an emulator that does not.

LaunchBox 2.6 Screenshot

Other new features for this go around include a new option to clean up your images folder and remove any extraneous images (under the Tools menu), and the ability to select and delete multiple games at once. I’m also hoping to add the ability to batch edit games here soon as well.

Another thing I have focused on heavily with this release is performance. No matter how big your library gets, the startup time should now be no more than a few seconds. I’ve worked hard to bring the time required for lengthy operations down to a minimum, and this version is many times faster than any previous version. In addition, it should now support massive libraries of 5,000+ games with no trouble at all. Because images are being re-cached, you may find that the scroll speed is a bit slower upon initial startup of the new version, but after the images have all been cached it should be an extremely smooth experience.

I’m excited about what’s to come with LaunchBox as well! DBGL imports are still on the radar, as well as a revamped and more flexible filtering interface, ScummVM support, and a game details panel. As always, do let me know your ideas and requests!

Download LaunchBox 2.6 here.

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  1. Lui says:

    Works with DosBox?

  2. MarieK says:

    2.6..old news. 😅

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