UpSync Version 0.6 Released

Update on November 25th, 2012
This application has been retired, as there are much better solutions available for free; please check out FreeFileSync instead.

I have a new version of UpSync to put out today! If you are regularly using the application, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade because the stability of the sync process has been greatly improved. Here’s a brief list of some of the more interesting changes:

  • Significantly improved error handling
  • Delete prompts are now all displayed at once (instead of throughout the process)
  • A new “stop prompting and do this for x remaining files” feature has been added
  • Code is now StyleCop-compliant (as well as code analysis-compliant)
  • Empty folders are now synced properly based on their creation date

You may simply run the new setup and it will automatically upgrade over whatever old version you have installed.

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Please remember to comment and share your thoughts on the application! :)

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2 Responses to UpSync Version 0.6 Released

  1. Jason Carr says:

    Well, if Apple would get off their high horse and actually provide development tools similar to what everyone is used to, maybe I would…

    Apple development is just too different than Windows or Linux development, it feels completely awkward.  It’s Apple’s biggest enemy to progress.

  2. Your brother says:

    How about making this mac compatible?  Dive into that Cocoa, dude.

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