WordPressing It

I vowed I’d never create a WordPress blog.  Too generic.  Such a waste of my “skills”.  Well, here it is, generic as ever, but immediately functional.  The problem with my home-grown blogs was I tended to focus on the website development for the blog, and never got around to the actual content.  What good is a blog without content?  Hopefully this one actually contains some material worth-reading/listening to…

I should say I’m quite impressed with the WordPress “experience”.  I was up in ten minutes, literally, and the amount of easy “tinkering” you can do is amazing.  I hope, though, that as I need to customize the blog (if I need to), WordPress doesn’t get in the way too much.  We’ll see.

For now, welcome to the blog.  I hope you never read this because of the vastly more interesting content about to be added. :)

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