15 Words of Wisdom I Know Well But Always Seem to Forget

  1. Other people won’t make you happy. You make yourself happy when you live for other people.
  2. Think of yourself as the best when you’re trying to achieve something; think of yourself as the worst after you’ve achieved it.
  3. Don’t pity those who appear less fortunate than you; most likely they’re much happier than you are.
  4. Curses are often disguised as blessings, and blessings are even more often disguised as curses.
  5. Being willing to “try everything at least once” is dangerous; everyone should know their own limits.
  6. Unattractive people make the best friends.
  7. Put your faith in love, but don’t confuse love with other people.
  8. Love is not made of emotions, time, pleasure, or compatibility; love is made only of sacrifice.
  9. The definition of being self-absorbed is desire; the definition of being humble is contentment.
  10. Sometimes it’s better not to know why.
  11. Most cliffhangers at the end of television shows are resolved with gimmicks that make no difference to the show.
  12. Interacting with people is always more important than anything you can do by yourself.
  13. If you didn’t apologize to anyone yesterday, you missed out.
  14. Being a “good liar” is a disorder.
  15. Never disagree with someone who compliments you; always say “thank you” and smile.

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