Where Have You Been!?

Still AliveSo obviously, I’ve been ignoring this blog way too much lately. Between my PerByte adventures and continuing LaunchBox development, things have certainly been busy. That said, I at least want to keep this blog up to date with my other projects. Going forward I’m going to at least try to link out to everywhere else I contribute.

I’ve been posting regularly for PerByte’s new blog, as has my esteemed colleague, er, superior, Josh Carlson. I’ll be dumping links to those posts here shortly, and I’ll try to remember to keep this updated with LaunchBox developments as well.

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  1. marcel says:

    thank you for the great software, big box is so beautifull. never forget what you are for so many people. your karma is projected in your software.

    is maybe you can add the possibility to see if a game is already add to a playlist by an icon or such? now i am adding double games.

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