Youth Lessons

Below are some quick lessons I’ve written for junior/senior high youth group; I will be adding more here as I write them (as well as some I’ve already written), so check back every week for more lessons. Of course, feel free to steal them for whatever you’re doing for the Lord.

These lessons are very questions-focused and sometimes do not explicitly state the answers, but the answers are almost always found or at least implied in the included scriptures. I’ve found that discussion seems to work better than anything else, so most of the lessons are very discussion-focused.

Comments are much appreciated; please leave a comment to share if you use or enjoy a lesson! May the Lord stretch you and use you for his glory…

Attending Church
Dissecting Halloween
Election Day
God’s Promises

3 Responses to Youth Lessons

  1. Pete Tavis says:

    Psalms 119:2 says Blessed are they that keep his testimonies: The tesimony of the Lord are the things that He has done in the Bible and in our lives. They do not include things we have done wrong. Stay focused on the things each person has done right, encouragement, and it will be a blessing.

    Remember this because I’ve seen many lessons about hatred, discouragement, etc. but that is not the path of the Lord. Always build, encourage, forgive, and love.

    your Bro and friend,

    • Jason Carr says:

      Pete, very good point. Didn’t realize that that the lessons I’ve put up so far definitely lean more towards correction than towards encouragement. I’ll do my best to keep it more encouragement-focused going forward…

  2. Dewey says:

    Do you have anymore other than these?

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